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  • Author and Poet Roberto Bolaño

    Art Tickle: A Spotlight On Artists We Love

    Roberto Bolaño

    Chilean author and poet Roberto Bolaño was born the son of a truck driver and a schoolteacher in 1953. At school the nerdy and nearsighted Bolaño didn't  impress his teachers much, and after a family move to Mexico City in 1968, he dropped out to become a journalist.

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  • Osama Party

    Closure to My Trinity Thesis: A Farewell

      There are many terrible metaphors thrown out about the college experience; and with my last editorial, I'd like to throw one more into the mix. On the cusp of finishing my thesis, I've come to the conclusion that the process of writing this major work mirrors my college trajectory surprisingly well: at first, there was excitement and unrealistic idealism, then the process of gaining a stronger focus, all punctuated with frequent doses of discovery, moments of being totally overwhelmed, and bullshitting my way through.

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  • Train

    The Timeless Allure of Train Travel

      I'm writing this from the 6:11 p.m. Metro-North train out of Grand Central on its way to New Haven. Minutes ago, I found myself among the hordes of runners racing through the elegant Beaux-Arts terminal in the hopes of making it into one of the silver and red "Connecticut Department of Transportation" emblazoned cars and finding a seat before the conductor yelled last call and the doors closed.

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  • Say Her Name

    Francisco Goldman Presents New Novel to Trin Community

      On Friday, April 29,Trinity's Allan K. Smith Professor of English Language and Literature, Francisco Goldman, gave a reading of his newest novel, "Say Her Name." Goldman spoke facing a crowd too large for the (according to my count) sixty chairs in the room.

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  • Treva

    Food Dudes Feasts at Treva and Finds Flavor Without Flaws

      Every once in awhile you come across a restaurant that evokes a multitude of emotions.  Curiosity, amazement, and euphoria were all experienced when we tried Treva, a fairly new establishment in West Hartford.  Located on Farmington Avenue, this Northern Italian restaurant opened in December.

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  • The men and women’s teams combined for a first place finish in the N. E. Championships.

    M. and W. Rowing Teams Successful At New England Tourney

      The Trinity College men's and women's rowing team led the New England Rowing Championships in overall points last weekend on April 30 in Worcester, Mass., on Lake Quinsigamond. All of the crews began Saturday morning with heats, in order to qualify for the grand finals later that afternoon.

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